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What Kids Want to Know
Students’ Unedited Questions and Comments about Parents
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4th Grade
Why are parents scared to talk with us about what’s going on in our body?
Why do parents wait so long to tell their kids about sex even when some kids know?
If you want to have a relationship with somebody do you tell your parents about it?

5th Grade
How can I ask questions more easily?
When something happens to your body do you tell anyone?
Tell my parents that they don’t need to talk to me about sex, I already know.
Talk to my parents so they don’t get mad when I talk with them about sex.
Tell them to talk more when answering my questions.
Tell parents to try harder or to speak up.
Even though some kids may know a lot, parents should bug them over and over so they don’t make a mistake.

6th Grade
How come moms are so hard to talk to about sex?
What were their feelings during puberty?
Why should we ask parents questions about human sex?
Why are parents sometimes afraid that something bad is going to happen to us girls every time we talk to boys on the internet, in our neighborhood, etc.?
When will I get the chance to choose my own clothes, to buy at the store?
Tell them to try to learn a lot from the talk so they can help us.
Try to tell them ways of talking to us.
Just tell them that we are uncomfortable too and that the more we talk about it, the easier it gets.
Say that it is very important for them to talk to me about it.
Tell parents how to explain what is going on in the kid’s emotional life.
Make it more comfortable for parents to talk about intercourse.
Tell them to make no jokes.
You shouldn’t laugh too much.
Tell my parents to go through the whole thing again….I’m a curious kid.
Kids need to know a lot of stuff about sex because a lot of sixth graders are going to think the wrong stuff.

7th Grade (Notice the change of tone from 6th - 7th grade. What happened?)
How can you start a conversation with your parents about sex?
How can you express your feelings to a parent or caregiver without offending them?
Why do parents say that there is an age limit to your first time having sex, but when you ask them that age limit, they don’t know?
I don’t want to talk with my parents about that kind of stuff.
Tell them not to talk to me about sex.
Tell them don’t be too anxious.
Answer our questions and listen to us.

8th Grade (Many grow distant as they get older. Don’t wait to talk with them.)
Why do Catholic schools not have sex-ed in their curriculum?
Why is it that if your parents were having sex at this age (13-15), I can’t?
If you have a 15-year old boyfriend and your parents don’t know about it then what should you do?
I’ve met people that are around my age who tell me that they have had sex before but they don’t know how to tell the parents.

Questions parents wish 7th & 8th graders did not have to ask
My parents don’t want me to have sex yet. How would I tell them I am ready when I think I am but maybe I’m not?
I’m sexually active and I’m scared to tell my parents. What should I do?
If you have already had sex, how can you start to tell your parents?
How can you tell your parents you have gotten a girl pregnant?
If you are pregnant and don’t know who the father is, should you tell your parents?

High School Freshmen and Sophomores

What questions do you want to ask your parents?
How did you figure out what morals you were going to follow about sex?
What is your view on sex in general?
What are your feelings about sex?
Do you think it’s okay to have sex before you are married?
What do you think about abortion?
Would you ever get an abortion?
Will I be condemned for having sex? (punished, in trouble, trusted less)
Is there was a way I could let my mom know that I’m NOT doing anything. How do I prove that to her?

What do kids your age need to know?
How to discuss it with your parents?
What we need to know most about sexuality is that sex is sacred and a blessed gift from God?
What the moral view on sex is
We need to now why we shouldn’t engage in sexual activities yet.
What would happen if we had a child this early?
Effects of peer pressure on their decisions about sexual activity

What do kids your age need hear from your parents?
How their parents feel about it sex
Kids need to hear they’re worth waiting for
Parents need to tell kids to respect their bodies
I think that kids should know how their parents feel about sex and sexual activity.
Messages like ‘use a condom’ and ‘wait till you are married’ don’t help us. Teens aren’t simply going to listen to your every word. Give us a reason, a sound argument of why what you say is important.
At first glance, sex looks just like a way to have fun with a girl, and it’s the job of parents and guardians of leading kids in the right way.
What you can tell a friend who is having sex or into promiscuous behavior

Mary Lee O’Connell, CRNP - 8/04